Frequently Asked Questions About the Cash for Homes Process

If I enter my information, am I obligated to sell?

Absolutely not. When you give us your information for review, you are never obligated to sell your home. We’ll give you a cash offer for your home and you can decide if that offer meets your needs. If it does, we’ll proceed with the sale. If, however, you decide you’d rather not sell or that our offer isn’t right for you, that’s fine too. You are never under any obligation to complete the sale until you accept our formal offer and sign the contract at closing.

What kind of fees will I have to pay when selling my home?

When we help you sell your house fast, we do so without tacking on any fees. You won’t pay a commission fee after the sale because we factor everything into the cash offer we extend. We strive to be as transparent as possible throughout the selling process because we value your business and your trust. Unlike the traditional realty process, when we extend an offer to purchase your home, what you see is what you get. 

How is the offering price for my house determined?

We evaluate your property just as a traditional appraiser would. When we receive your filled out contact form, we’ll research the property to get a clear picture of its value. 

Next, we’ll perform a walkthrough of your house to assess its condition, which factors into our offering price. We consider layout, square footage, structural integrity, and a variety of other factors that contribute to or detract from the overall property value. We’ll also take into consideration the current market value of homes in the area that are similar to yours. And finally, we’ll research the value of the other homes in your neighborhood.  

Keep in mind that we don’t require you to do any cleaning or perform repairs before the sale. If your home needs work, the projected cost of labor and materials will factor into our final offer. 

What do you do with the home after you purchase it?

Because we’re real estate investors, our end goal is to make a profit off the home. To achieve that, we’ll typically choose to invest time and resources into the house after we purchase it. Once we fix up the place, we may sell it to someone looking for a new home, or we may choose to rent it out. Every situation is unique, and so what we do with houses after we buy them varies.

Can I sell my home if I am behind on the mortgage?

Yes! We work with many homeowners in this situation. If you’re delinquent on your mortgage, selling the property may prove the best way to get out from under a payment you can no longer afford. We can help you avoid foreclosure by buying your home in a matter of days, and if necessary, we’ll work with your bank to determine the best course of action for everyone involved.

How long does it take to sell my home?

When we say we can help you sell your home fast, we mean it. Within 24 hours of your initial contact, you can have a cash offer in your hands. If you like the offer and choose to proceed, we can typically close the sale within 7-14 days. Once you sign the contract and receive your cash, the deal is done! We’ve designed our process to ensure a rapid sale so you can get out from under a property you no longer want and move on with your life. 

Do I have to move out right after selling my house?

No, you are not required to move immediately after you sell us your house. If you need some time to plan your relocation, we’re more than happy to help you set a move-out date that works with your schedule. When you contact us with the house you need to sell, let us know your situation and we’ll help you determine a course of action that meets your needs. 

Can I sell my house if I live out of state?

Yes! We work with many people who live out of state but own property in or around Oklahoma City. We understand traveling to sell your home isn’t always feasible. For that reason, we make your home sale as convenient and streamlined as possible by conducting the process over the phone and via mail. When you contact our team initially, tell us about your situation and we’ll help you determine your options.

What types of houses do you buy?

We purchase many types of houses in and around Oklahoma City. Whether you own a single-family home, a condo, a new house, or a decades-old property, we’re ready to offer you cash for it. It doesn’t matter if the property is damaged or deteriorated, we have the resources necessary to bring it back to life after the sale.